Thursday, July 2, 2009

Who was Fred Perry?

With every mention of Andy Murray at Wimbledon, the name Fred Perry soon follows. Fred is the last British man to the singles title at Wimbledon (back in 1936). The clothing line that bears his name just happens to be the clothing line that Andy Murray wears and endorses. This year also marks the 100th year since Perry’s birth. Is this adding up to a fateful conclusion to Wimbledon this year? Bud Collins, the world’s most famous and lovable tennis journalist and historian, features Perry in his famous tennis encyclopedia called THE BUD COLLINS HISTORY OF TENNIS ($35.95, New Chapter Press, Below is Bud’s book excerpt on Perry.

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Bespoke team serves ace in attempt to rebrand Andy Murray at Wimbledon

On Court Fashion: Andy Murray rocks short shorts

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Sharp Style: Fred Perry Limited Editions

When you name a clothing company after a person, it only makes sense that the person’s birthday becomes a date of sartorial celebration. On May 18th of this year, Fred Perry, the man, would have celebrated his 100th birthday (when you’re as stylish as Fred Perry, it still counts as a birthday even if he died 14 years ago). Fred Perry, the clothier, decided to take this as an opportunity to produce the limited edition Laurel Collection and 100 Years Polo.