Friday, July 31, 2009


Fred Perry X The Specials- 30th Anniversary Capsule Collection

To commemorate the 30th Anniversary of British Two Tone Ska revival band, The Specials, the band and Fred Perry worked together to release three shirts that represent the iconic style of the band. The shirts are designed with the band’s style and music in mind, thus they are centered around the theme of “Black and White Unite”. The monochrome palette of polos and button downs in simple block and stripe patterns are quintessentially ska and even the Fred Perry laurel get a black and white makeover. These shirts just dropped online at Fred Perry.

peter jensen/ fred perry harrington done right


The man who bet his shirt on Andy Murray at Wimbledon

When John Flynn got Britain's future tennis No 1 to wear Fred Perry, he gave new life to a mod classic
...But, unlike many of the other brands emblazoning tennis whites at Wimbledon this year, Flynn says endorsing Murray is not about flogging tennis gear. "There is no relationship between sponsoring Andy and selling large amounts of tennis clothing. Andy is a Fred Perry-type person.
"His characteristics, particularly as a teenager, reflected the brand's in that he was quite individual and rebellious and knew his own mind. That's synonymous with us. It's not just about us taking on a tennis player because we don't have an army of tennis players."
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